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ARMSTRONG, William George Lord

Forenames: William George

Last name: ARMSTRONG

Titles and Honours: Lord

Date of Election: 1887-04-19

Honorary Member? Yes

Obituaries: 1900-1 vol.45 xxxiv-xLiii

Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? Yes


'Electric movement in Aire water' (1897-99) and writings on engineering topics.

Place of Residence:



1839 constructed watch pressure wheel
1844 Hydro-electric machine
1846 Patented hydraulic crane
1850 Invented hydraulic pressure accumulator
1854 Designed submarine mines for use in Crimean War
1858 Invented rifled-bore freeloading gun

Patented Inventions:
1859 Elswick Ordinance Co. Estd. to make Armstrong guns
1882 Construction of war ships
1897 Incorporated his own branches with Sir J. Whitworth's works at Openshaw for manufacture of Whitworth Guns.
Important electrical experiments

Telfford Medalist
Albert Medalist 1878
Besseman Medalist 1891

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