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GARNETT, (James Clerk) Maxwell

Forenames: (James Clerk) Maxwell

Last name: GARNETT

Titles and Honours:

Date of birth: 1880-10-13

Date of death: 1958-03-19

Date of Election: 1912-10-15

Date of resignation: 1935-01-01

Honorary Member? No


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? No


'A national system of education' (introduction being a lecture delivered by J.C.M. Garnett) 1920

'World unity and the nations' D. Mitrarny and M. Garnett 1950

'The dawn of world order' N.C. Smith and J.C.M. Garnett 1932 8o

'Christianity and the League of Nations', League of Nations Union: London 1921, 8o, pp.27

'Conciliation' pp.16. P.S. King and Son, London (1927) 8o (present day papers no. 7)

'Education and world citizenship: An essay towards a science of education' pp. x515: Cambridge: 1921 8o

'Knowledge and character' pp. xii 358, University Press, Cambridge, 1939, 8o

'A lasting peace - with some chapters on the basics of German cooperation by H.F. Koeppler' pp. 288, G. Allen and Unwin: London, 1940, 8o

'Organising peace. How the League works and what it has done' (9th ed) pp. 109. League of Nations Union: London, 1934 16o

'The organisation of peace... put into basic by L.W. Lockhart' pp.123. Kegan Paul and Co. London, 1933, 16o (Pysche miniatures. General Senes, no. 53)

Amongst many more. Please contact the office for their complete index of works.

Place of Residence:


Principal of Municipal School of Technology, Manchester

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