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Forenames: Thomas

Last name: GARNETT

Titles and Honours:

Date of birth: 1766-04-21

Date of death: 1802-06-28

Date of Election: 1791-02-04

Honorary Member? No


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? Yes


'Treatise of optics' for Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1788

'Highland Tour', 1800

'Zoonomia' - (Laws of animal life), 1804

"Meteorological observations made on different parts of the western coast of Great Britain" (1793, vol 4, p.234)

'Annals of Philosophy... for the year 1800' (1801) 8o

'Experiments and observations on the crescent water at Harrogate', Leeds, 1791, 8o

'Experiments and observations on the Harley-Green spaw near Halifax, to which is added, a short account of two other mineral waters, in Yorkshire' Bradford 1790 8o

'A lecture on the preservation of health' Liverpool, 1797 8o, 2nd 1800 8o

'Observations on a tour through the Highlands and part of the Western Isles of Scotland, particularly Staffa and Icolmkill: to which are added a description of the palls of the Clyde, of the country around Moffat, etc.' 52 plates, 2 vol, London 1800 4o. (Lubeck and Leipzig, 1802, 8o) 2nd ed. J. Stockdale; London, 1811, 4o

'Outlines of a course of lectures on chemistry', Liverpool, 1797, 8o

'Popular lectures on Zoonomia, or the laws of animal life in health and disease', London, 1804, 4o

'A treatise on the mineral waters of Harrogate, containing the history of these waters, their chemical analysis, etc' Bradford, 1792 8o, 2nd ed Leeds, 1794, 5th Knaresborough, 1810, 7th Knaresborough, 1822 12o

Place of Residence:


Prof of Natural Philosophy, Glasgow Uni
Corresponding member

1799-1801 Prof of Natural Philosophy & Chemistry, Royal Inst

Anticipated modern theory of a quasi-intelligence in plants. Published first analysis of Harrogate Waters.

1848 occupier of land in Withington

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