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GARNETT, William

Forenames: William

Last name: GARNETT

Titles and Honours:

Date of Election: 1877-02-06

Date of resignation: 1900-01-01

Honorary Member? No


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? No


Allen, B.M. 'William Garnett: a memoir' (with a portrait) 1933 8o

L. Campbell and W. Garnett 'The Life of J. Clerk Maxwell, etc....' 1882 8o, 1884 8o

London - County of L. County Council Education Committee. Handbook to school calendar etc. (preface by W. Garnett) 1910 8o

J.F.S. Ross 'An intoduction to the principles of mechanics... with an introduction by Dr W. Garnett' 1923, 8o

'The Book of trigonometry and mensuration' pp. 174 (1882) see W. Besant and R.J. Griffiths Stewart's Local Examination Senes etc. (1877 etc) 8o

'Elementary mechanics' 1877

'An elementary treatise on electricity' by J.C. Maxwell... edited by W. Garnett, 1881, Clarendon press senes 1866, etc. 8o 2nd 1888

'An elementary treatise on heat' Cambridge, 1876, 8o. 2nd 1878, 3rd pp. iv 246 Deighton, Bell & Co; Cambridge, 1884, 8o. 4th pp iv 266 Deighton, Bell & Co; Cambridge 1887 8o. 6th rev. and enlarged, pp iv 316 Deighton & Bell; Cambridge, 1893 8o.

'Heroes of science: Physicists' pp vii 339, Christian Knowledge Society; London (1886) 8o

'A little book on map projection' (by Mary Adams, pseudonym of W. Garnett)... rev and rev ed pp viii 112 London; (1921) 8o G. Philip and Son, 3rd 1924, 4th 1928, 5th 1932.

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Place of Residence:


Cotton spinner (Thomas Garnett & Sons) Bashall

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