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GASKELL, William Rev

Forenames: William

Last name: GASKELL

Titles and Honours: Rev

Date of Election: 1840-01-21

Honorary Member? No

Obituaries: vol. XXIV 1884-5 p.86-7 <br><br> 1905-6 vol. L P pvi

Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? Yes


Published sermons & tracts

Funeral sermons for Rev. John Gooch Robberds (1854), David Siltzer (1854), J.O. Curtis (1857), John Potter (1859), John A. Nicholls (1859), Rev. William Turner (1859)

'Temperance Rhymes' 1839

'Two lectures on the Lancashire dialect' 1844

Wrote a number of hymns

Contributed to collection edited by J.R. Beard DD in 1837

'Hymns of Praise and Prayer' ed. James Martineaus DD 1874

Translated Luther's 'Ein Feste Burg'

Edited 'Unitarian Herald' 1861-1875

'Life and Letters of Mr John Ashton Nicholls' 1859

There are numerous biographies featuring William Gaskell

Place of Residence:


Society Vice-Pres 1869-75, 1882-3
Unitarian Minister

1825 Admitted to Manchester Coll, York
1828 Cross St Chapel
1840-6 Secretary to Manchester New College
1846-53 Prof of English history & literature
1854-7 Chair of Committee
1858 Lecturer of English Lit. & Logic on formation of working men's college

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