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ARNOLD, William Thomas

Forenames: William Thomas

Last name: ARNOLD

Titles and Honours:

Date of birth: 1852-09-18

Date of death: 1904-05-29

Date of Election: 1882-01-24

Honorary Member? No


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? No


'German Ambitions as they Affect Britain and the United States' (1903)

'History of Rome', 1886

Contributions to English 'Historical Review' 1886-95

'Studies in Roman Imperialism' 1906 (ed. by E. Friddes)

1884 Issued ed. of Keats (new ed. 1907)

Contributor to T. Humphrey Wards' 'English Poets' 1880-2

1900 'The Manchester Stage 1880-1900'

Revised father's edition of Dryden's 'Essay of Dramatic Poesy' in 1902.

Place of Residence:


Author and journalist.

1862-5 Oratory School, Birmingham
1871 University College, Oxford. 1872 Scholarship
1879 Prize with 'The Roman System of Provincial Administration to the Accession of Constantine the Great' (pub. 1879)
1879-96 Became a journalist for 'Manchester Guardian'
1898 Retired from Guardian because of spinal disease.
1899 Moved to London.

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