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GEE, William Winson Haldane

Forenames: William Winson Haldane

Last name: GEE

Titles and Honours:

Date of Election: 1886-02-09

Honorary Member? No

Obituaries: 1927-8 vol. 72 P pv-vi

Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? No


"On an improved form of rheostat" (1886)

"Electrolysis under pressure" (1889)

"On the apparatus for determining he viscosity of liquids" (1890, vol 33 p.123)

"On the specific heat of non-conductors" pt 1 (1891 vol 34 p. 38)

"On new forms of stereometers" (1891 vol 34 p.301-34 with A. Harden)

"On the comparison of thermometers" (1891 vol 34 p.357 with T. Ewan)

"On two electrical platinum thermometers, for use in the exact determination of temperatures as high as the boiling point of mercury" (1891)

"Dioptremeters" (1910-11 vol 55 p.1-16 with A. Adamson)

"The electrical resistance of the human body" (1909-10 vol 49 p.1-22 with F. Brotherton)

"John Dalton's lectures and lecture illustrations" (1914-15 vol 59 p.1-66)

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Place of Residence:


Society Council 1912-15; Vice-Pres 1916-19; Curator 1919-27

1891 Chief lecturer in physics & electrical engineering, Manchester Technical School
1902 Prof of pure & applied physics, Manchester Technical School
1919 Curator of Society's apparatus, manuscripts and relics

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