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GIBBES, George Smith Sir

Forenames: George Smith

Last name: GIBBES

Titles and Honours: Sir

Date of Election: 1798-01-01

Honorary Member? No


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? Yes


1794 'The conversion of muscle into a substance resembling spermaceti' (Philosophical Transactions' 1794)

1800-3 'Treatises on Bath Waters'

1809 'A phlogistic theory in grafted upon in M. Fourcroy's "philosophy of chemistry"' (pt i pp.32)

1818 'Pathological Inquiries, or an attempt to explain the phenomena of disease'

'The Historical Bath Guide... with observations on the Bath Waters, by Sir G.S. Gibbes, etc.' (1835?) 8o

'Address delivered at the opening of Bath Lit and Phil Institution etc.' pp.15 B. Higman; Bath (1825) 8o

'A few observations on the component parts of animal matters; and on their conversion into a substance resembling spermaceti' pp.38 Bath 1796 8o

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Place of Residence:


Corresponding member

1804 Physician to Bath Hospital
1817 Harveian orator
1834 Active part in municipal business at Bath - member of corporation until this date
1835 Gave up practice - to Cheltenham

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