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GIBSON, Arnold Hartley

Forenames: Arnold Hartley

Last name: GIBSON

Titles and Honours:

Date of Election: 1908-10-06

Date of resignation: 1911-01-01

Honorary Member? No


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? No


"On the local intensification of draught produced in a horizontal air current by the presence of an inclined rod" (1908-9, vol 53 p1-10)

"The manner of motion of water flowing in a curved path" (1910-11 vol 55 XIII 1-5)

"Modern developments in the utilisation of water power" (1923)

"Aero-Engine Efficiencies" pp 36, London (1923) 4o (Transactions of the Royal Aeronautical Society no.3)

'Construction and operation of a tidal model of the Severn Estuary. Two reports... Diagrams, figures, etc.... in Separate Case' (with plates) pp viii 314 1933 8o

'Hydraulics and its applications' pp xiv 756, Archibald Constable and Co; London, 1921, 8o

'Hydro-Electric Engineering' edited by A.H. Gibson, 2 vols, Blackie and Son; London, 1921, 8o

'Natural Sources of Energy' (with illustrations and maps) pp vi, 131, 1913, The Cambridge Manuals of Science and Literature, 1910 etc 8o

'Osborne Reynolds and his work in hydraulics and hydro dynamics...' illus (with a portrait) pp 33 Longmans, Green and Co.; London 1946 8o (Science in Britain)

'Water hammers in hydraulic pipelines: being a theoretical and experimental investigation of the rise or fall in pressure in a pipeline, caused by the gradual or sudden closing or opening of a valve; with a chapter on the speed regulation of hydraulic turbines' pp 60, Archibald Constable and Co.; London 1908 8o

Amongst others. Please contact the office for a full listing of work.

Place of Residence:


Demonstrator and Assistant Lecturer in Engineering, Manchester Uni (Owen's)

Professor of Engineering, 1920-1949

Work on estuaries, including Dee, Mersey and Severn

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