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GIBSON, Benjamin

Forenames: Benjamin

Last name: GIBSON

Titles and Honours:

Date of Election: 1800-01-25

Honorary Member? No


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? No


"Observations on the effect of madder root on the bones of animals" (1805 vol 6 p146)

"On the use of sutures in the skulls of animals" (1805 vol 6 p317)

Many other papers. Among the best known are "Practical observations on the formation of an artificial pupil" (1811) and "The use of the conching needle in infants or a few months old" (1811)

'Instructions for the application of the tourniquet, chiefly intended for military use' Manchester 1803

Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal:
'On the common cause of the piriform ophthalmia of new-born children' vol 3, 1807, p159

Place of Residence:


Society Committee of papers 1800-5; Vice-pres 1809-11

Honorary Surgeon to the Infirmary 1804-12

1789 Lectured in Manchester Museum
1799 Assistant surgeon to Royal Manchester & Salford volunteer Regiment of Infantry

Lecturer on anatomy, cataracts and diseases of the eye, and on the gravid uterus

Died of consumption

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