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GLAISHER, James Whitbread Lee

Forenames: James Whitbread Lee

Last name: GLAISHER

Titles and Honours:

Date of Election: 1894-04-17

Honorary Member? Yes


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? Yes


Paper on mathematics and astronomy, and ceramics. appendix on Wrotham ware to B. Rackham and H Reads 'English Pottery' (1924)

Circa 400 papers - contribution to definite integrals, differential equations, elliptic functions and their developments.

'Number - divisor tables. Designed and, in part, prepared by J W L Glaisher, etc' pp x 99 University Press, Cambridge, 1940 4o (British Association for the Advancement of Science, Mathematical Tables vol 8)

J C Adams 'The scientific papers of John Couch Adams... with a memoir by J W L Glaisher' 1896, etc 4o

'A catalogue of a loan exhibition of pottery and porcelain held in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, May 26th - June 14th, 1902 (compiled by G A S Schneider, with the assistance of J W L Glaisher)' (1902) 8o

'A catalogue of a collection of early English Earthenware, etc' (with an introduction by J W L Glaisher) 1913 4o

H J S Smith 'The Collected Mathematical Papers of H J S Smith' (edited by J W L Glaisher) 1894 4o

'From the philosophical magazine... on the problem of eight queens' (London, 1874) 8o

'The messenger of mathematics (editor) (The Oxford, Cambridge and Dublin Messenger of Mathematical etc) 1862 etc 8o

'Notes on the potters of Wrotham' B Rackham and H E Read 'English Pottery' etc 1924 8o

'Solutions of the Cambridge Senate House problems and riders for the year 1878' By J W L Glaisher, C H Prior, N M Ferrers, A G Greenhill, C Niven (ed by J W L Glaisher, etc) London, Cambridge (printed), 1879 8o

'Table of powers giving integral powers of integers, initiated by J W L Glaisher. Extended by W G Bickley, C E Gwyther, J C P Mutter, E J Ternouth, etc.' pp.131 Cambridge, 1940, 4o (British Association for the Advancement of Science, Mathematical Tables, vol 9)

Place of Residence:


Son of James Glaisher (astronomer & meteorologist 1809-1903)

Mathematician, astronomer and collector

Educ: St Paul's School, London; Campden Exhibitioner, 1867 - Trinity, Cambridge

1871-1901 Lectured at Trinity, Cambridge
(1883-93) Tutor

Hon Fellow of R S of Edinburgh
Foreign member of National Acad of Sci of Washington

1881 Refused invitation to become astronomer royal

Member of R A S, 1871; council 1874; president 1886-88, 1901-3

1913 Sylvester medal
1872 Joined London Mathematical Society (prominent)
1908 De Morgan medal

Hobby of studying pottery

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