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Forenames: John

Last name: GOUGH

Titles and Honours:

Date of Election: 1791-12-02

Honorary Member? No


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? Yes


"Reasons for supposing that lakes have been more numerous than they are at present, with an attempt to assign the causes whereby they have been defaced" (1793, vol 4 - communicated by Dr Percival)

"Experiments and observations on the on the vegetation of seeds" (1796 vol 4 p.310 - communicated by Dr Holme)

"The laws of motion of a cylinder, compelled by the repeated strokes of a falling block to penetrate an obstacle the resistance of which is an invariable force" (1796, vol 4 p.273 - communicated by Dr Holme)

"On the variety of voices" (1793, vol 4 p.58 - communicated by Dr Holme)

"Investigation of the method whereby men judge, by the ear, of the position of sonorous bodies relative to their own persons" (1802, vol 5, p. 622 - communicated by Dr Holme)

"On the theory of compound sounds" (1802, vol 5 p.653 - communicated by Dr Holme)

"Description of a property of Caontchouc or Indian rubber: with some reflections on the cause of the elasticity of this substance" (1805, vol 6 p.288)

"Essay on the theory of mixed gases, and on the state of water in the atmosphere" (1805, vol 6 p.296)

"Remarks on the summer birds of passage, and on migration in general" (1813, vol 7 p.453 - communicated by Dr Holme)

"Theorems and problems intended to elucidate the mechanical principle called vis viva" (1813 vol 7 p.270)

Amongst many more. Please contact the office for a complete index of works.

Place of Residence: Kendal


Scientific writer

Lost sight from small-pox as child

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