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ASHMORE, Philip George Dr

Forenames: Philip George

Last name: ASHMORE

Titles and Honours: Dr

Date of birth: 1916-05-05

Date of Election: 1973-01-01

Honorary Member? No


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? No


'The Catalyst and Inhibition of Chemical Reactions', 1963

(ed) 'Reaction Kinetics', 1975

RIC Monographs for Teachers, no.s5 & 9

Many papers in TFS, International Symposium on Combustion, Journal of Catalysis.

Place of Residence:


Professor of Physical Chemistry, UMIST, 1963-

1949-59 Fellow Asst. Tutor & Director of Studies of Natural Sciences, Emmanuel College, Cambridge
1953-63 Lecturer in Physical Chemistry, University of Cambridge
1959-63 Fellow & Tutor to Advanced Students, Churchill College, Cambridge
1973 Vice-Principal, Academic Affairs, UMIST
1974 Member, Advisory Committee on dangerous substances
1978-9 HSE

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