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ASHWORTH, James Reginald Dr

Forenames: James Reginald

Last name: ASHWORTH

Titles and Honours: Dr

Date of birth: 1861-07-08

Date of death: 1950-07-09

Date of Election: 1926-11-02

Honorary Member? No

Obituaries: Vol.XCI 1949-50 i-ii

Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? No


'The Secular Rise of the Freezing Point of Joules' Thermometer' 1930-31, vol.75 II pp:37-42

'A List of Apparatus now in Manchester which Belonged to Dr. J P Joule FRS with Remarks on his MSS Letters and Autobiography', 1930-31, vol.75 VIII, pp:105-117

'Note on the Intrinsic Field of a Magnet', 1913-14, vol.58 XI pp:1-6

'Note on the Mean Magnet Movement & Mean Energy of a Vibrating Magnet', 1912-13, vol.57 IV pp:1-7

Place of Residence: Rochdale


Society Council 1928-29, 1936-38 and Curator 1929-35, 1939-50

Private education then Owens College in 1876
BSc 1893 University of Manchester
1897 Hon. Fellowship of physics at Manchester
1899 MSc
1903 DSc

Demonstrator in physics class.
Lecturer in physics at Rochdale Technical School

British Assoc. Advancement of Science
Fellow of Physical Soc.
Royal Meteorological Soc.
Ancient Monuments Soc. (Vice-chair 1934-45, Chairman 1946-49, Vice-pres. 1943)

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