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ASHWORTH, John Jackson

Forenames: John Jackson

Last name: ASHWORTH

Titles and Honours:

Date of birth: 1843-01-01

Date of death: 1904-03-10

Date of Election: 1887-11-16

Honorary Member? No

Obituaries: 1903-4 vol.48 XXV - XXXVIII

Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? Yes


'On a Paper by Mr J. Smith Anticipating Recent Discoveries of the Colour - Phenomena with a Rapidly Rotating Black & White Disc ' (vol.XXI 1859. 1897-8 vol.XLII, P, p xviii)

Place of Residence: Heaton Moor


Manufacturer of fancy cotton goods, 35 Mosley Street

Society treasurer 1896-1902

Student in Chemical lab of Owens College

Became member of Salford Town Council

Had to abandon scientific career because of his father's death to carry on the mill.
Still gave much attention to microscopical investigation, practiced photography & was fond of musical studies.

1888 became life member of British Association.

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