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HERFORD, Brooke Rev

Forenames: Brooke

Last name: HERFORD

Titles and Honours: Rev

Date of birth: 1830-01-01

Date of death: 1903-01-01

Date of Election: 1868-11-17

Honorary Member? No

Obituaries: 1905, P49, pp 43 - 44

Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? Yes


"The earthquake of March 15th, 1869 (1869, P8, p 176); "On the transition from Roman to Arabic numerals (so called) in England" (1983, P12, pp 91 - 95); "On some of the perplexities which the art and architecture of the present are preparing for the historians and antiquarians of the future" (1874, P13, pp 119 - 125). Published sermons, tracts and hymns. 1862, began "Home Pages" (popular Unitarian tracts). Joint editor of Unitarian Herald. 1868, completed new edition of Baines's Lancashire.

Place of Residence:


Son of M'cr wine merchant and insurance agent. 1848 - 51, M'cr New College. 1851 Minister of Upper Chapel, Sheffield.1864, Minister of Strangeways Chapel, M'cr. 1868, member of Chetham Society. 1876, went to Chicago, USA. 1882 - 91, Minister of Arlington St Church, Boston. Elected Corres Member Nov 14, 1882. Returned to Rosslyn Hill Chapel, Hampstead. 1901 retired.

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