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Forenames: John

Last name: ATKINSON

Titles and Honours:

Date of Election: 1846-01-27

Honorary Member? No


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? No


'On the Erosion of the Plates of Locomotive Steam Boilers and the Mode of Preventing it' vols.1-4, 1857-60, P, p.101

'Remarks on Abnormal Disturbances of the Barometrical Column at Certain Seasons of the Year' vol.II, 1862, P, pp:26-28

'Geometrical Theorems Relative to the Triangle and its Inscribed and Enscribed Circles' (Communicated by Atkinson from T.T. Wilkonson FRAS of Burnley), vol. II, 1862, P, p.71

'Rainfall in 1861 at Thelwall, near Warrington' vol.II, 1862, p.195

'On the Construction of Bi-Focal Lenses for Spectacles' vol. III, 1864, P, pp.190-193

Place of Residence:


Surgeon's dentist at 41 Piccadilly. Or Chemist & Druggist, 1 Market Place, information varies according to source.

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