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JEVONS, William Stanley FRS

Forenames: William Stanley

Last name: JEVONS

Titles and Honours: FRS

Date of birth: 1835-01-01

Date of death: 1882-01-01

Date of Election: 1866-11-13

Honorary Member? No


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? Yes


"Remarks on Australian goldfields" (1862, vol 21, 115-130); "Remarks on Mr Baxendell's laws of atmospheric ozone" (1868, P8, 33-34); "On a logical abacus" (1866, P5, 161-165); "On the so-called molecular movements of microscopic particles (1870, P9, 78-82); "On a general system of numerically definite reasoning" (1871, vol 24, 330 -352 and P9, 84)' "Encke's comet and the supposed resisting medium" (1871, P11, 33-35); "On the inverse, or inductive, logical problem" (1876, vol 25, 119-130 and P11, 65-68); "Notes on early anticipations of a magnetc telegraph" (1877, P16, 164-166). Plus many other lectures on goldfields and logic.

Place of Residence:


Economist and logician, uncle of Beatrix Potter, cousin of Sir Henry E Roscoe. MA (London 1862); LLD (Hon Edin 1875); FRS (1872). Assayer, Sydney mint (1854-9); Gold medal for philosophy and political economy ( 1862); tutor at Owen's College (1863); Professor of logic, political economy and philosophy, Owen's College (1866-79); Professor of political economy , Univ College, London (1876-80). Drowned at Bulverhythe, Sussex. Fund for the encouragement of economic research founded in his honour

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