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BAILEY, Charles

Forenames: Charles

Last name: BAILEY

Titles and Honours:

Date of birth: 1838-01-01

Date of Election: 1865-11-14

Honorary Member? No

Obituaries: 1924-5 vol.69 P i-vi

Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? No


'Reference to the Death of Dr. Edward Schunck' (1902-3 vol.47 xlii)

'Reference to the Death of Sir G.G. Stokes' (1902-3 vol.47 xx)

'Notes on Varieties of 'Sarothamnus Scoparius' Koch and 'Stachys Betonica' Benth from The Lizard, Cornwall' (vol.3 ser.3 no.23 1868. xxii p.284)

'On the Structure, the Occurrence in Lancashire and the Probable Source of 'Najas Graminea' var 'Delilei' Magnus (plates iv-vii, vol.10, ser.3 no.30 1887 iv p.29)

'Notes on Some of the Characteristic Plants of the Channel Islands' ( 1866-7 P pp.194-198)

'On a Deposit in Dog's Bay, Connemara, Destitute of Foraminifera' (vol. viii 1868-9 p pp.199-200)

'The Discovery of 'Scirpus Pendulus' R & S at the Mouth of the River Ovoca, Co. Wicklow' (vol.viii, 1868-9 P pp.103-104

'The Characteristic Plants of Connemara' (vol.viii 1868-69)

'On Pollen: Considered as an Aid in the Differentiation of Species' (vol.ix 1869-70 P pp.51-54)

'On the Natural Ropes Used in Packing Cotton Bales in the Brazils' (vol.ix 1869-70 P pp.88-100)

'The Hawthorns of the Manchester Flora' (vol.x 1870-71 P p.101-104)

'On 'Carex Flava' and its Allies of the Manchester Flora' (vol.x 1870-71 P pp.101-104)

'On Abnormal Forms of Cotyledons of the Sycamore' (vol.x 1870-71 P p.205)

'On Malpighiaceaeous Hairs' (vol.xii 1872-3 P)

Place of Residence:


Entered E. India firm of Ralli Bros. with his brother. He stayed there for 55 years.

Received early training in botany from Prof. W. C. Williamson (Owens College)

One of the founders of Leeuwenhoek Microscopical Club, led on to formation of Manchester Microscopical Soc.

Member Manchester Field Naturalists' & Archaeological Soc.
President of Manchester Field Club.

Built up collection of plants etc for Manchester Uni.

Member, Botanical Exchange Club (sec. & treasurer)

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