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BAILEY, William Henry Sir

Forenames: William Henry

Last name: BAILEY

Titles and Honours: Sir

Date of birth: 1838-01-01

Date of death: 1913-11-23

Date of Election: 1888-02-07

Honorary Member? No

Obituaries: 1913-14 vol.58 xxix-xlix

Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? No


'On an old canoe, recently found in the Invell valley near Barton, with observations on prehistoric Chat Moss' (with 2 plates. 1889 vol.2 ser.4)

'The Topographical distribution of Mechanical Inventions in the County of Lancaster and their Influence on some British and Foreign Industries' (with portraits of R. Roberts and Joule. 1901-2 vol.46 P p.xiii)

'Inaugural Address' (as President 1905-6 vol.50 I-II)

'Exhibit of the Model of the Switchback Centrifugal Railway Invented by Richard Roberts' (1902-3 vol.47 P

'On William Sturgeon' (1890 vol.3 ser.4 p.180)

Place of Residence: Salford


Hydraulic engineer (W.H. Bailey & Co.)

Society President 1905-7; Vice pres. 1902-5

1874 Salford Town Council
1893 Mayor of Salford
1894 Knighted by Queen Victoria
1898 retired Town Council

Pres. Manchester Assoc. Engineers
Pres. Lib. Assoc. of U.K.
Pres. Manchester Shakespeare Soc.
Pres. Manchester Field Naturalists & Archaeologist Soc.
Pres. Manchester Dickens Fellowship
Pres. Arts Club

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