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Forenames: John

Last name: KENNEDY

Titles and Honours:

Date of birth: 1769-01-01

Date of death: 1855-01-01

Date of Election: 1803-04-29

Honorary Member? No

Obituaries: 1862, vol 1, ser3, p147. S Smiles ""John Kennedy's biography in 'Industrial Biography' pp 317-22.

Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? Yes


"Observations on the rise and progress of the cotton trade in Great Britain, partic in Lancs and the adjoining counties" (1819 vol 8, p 115-137); "Inquiry into the effects produced in society by the Poor Laws" (1819, vol 8, p 430-445); "Observations on the influence of machinery upon the working classes of the country" (1831 vol 10, p 25-35); "Brief memoir of Samuel Crompton with description of his machine called "the mule" and of the subsequent improvement of the machine by others" (1831 vol 10 pp 318 - 323) amongst other.papers. Published "Brief notice of my early recollections in a letter to my children", M'cr 1849 (in 'miscellaneous papers'.

Place of Residence:


1784 came to Eng from Scotland; 1794 came to M'cr and joined in partnership firm of 'Sandford, McConnel and Kennedy', machine makers and mule spinners. 1836-56, Chair Williams Deacons (Heywoods). 1844, landowner in Ardwick. M'cr cotton spinner and friend of James Watt. Intro'd 'jack-frame'and other improvements.

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