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BAKER, Benjamin Sir

Forenames: Benjamin

Last name: BAKER

Titles and Honours: Sir

Date of birth: 1840-03-31

Date of death: 1907-05-19

Date of Election: 1886-02-09

Honorary Member? Yes

Obituaries: 1907-8 vol.52 xxxi-lxi

Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? Yes


For 'Engineering':
'Long Span Bridges' (1867)
'Strength of Beams, Columns and Arches' (1868)
'On the Strength of Brickwork' (1872)

Proc. ICE:
'Steel for tires and axles'
'The working stern of iron and steel'
'Railway Springs'

Stephenson medallist ICE on 'The Actual Lateral Pressure of Earthwork'

Telford medal ICE for 'The River Nile' (1877)

Place of Residence:


1856 - 60 apprentice of Neath Abbey Ironworks
1869-1 assistant, W. Wilson, London

Constructed many London railway lines.

1885 consulting engineer for first 'tube' railway.
1883-90 Involved with designing 4th bridge
1869 Egyptian railways
1898-1902 Dam constructed
1888-91 Chignecto Ship Railway

AICE (1867)
MICE (1877)
Council mem. of R. Soc.
Pres. of Mech. Sci. Section of BA in Aberdeen.
Iron & Steel Inst.
Assoc. of Inst. of Naval Architects
Hon. Assoc. of RIBA
Hon DSc
Hon. MEng

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