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KYNCH, George James FIMA

Forenames: George James

Last name: KYNCH

Titles and Honours: FIMA

Date of birth: 1915-12-26

Date of Election: 1959-01-01

Honorary Member? No

Obituaries: P126, p178

Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? No


"Dccimal systems - yes or no?" (1964); "Curved space and the Fourth dimension - a tale for everyone" (1968); "Eureka" (1972-3, vol 115, pp 5-17)

Place of Residence: Northenden, Mcr


Born Croydon, marr Eve Robinson 1943, 1s, 2d. Prof maths, M'cr Coll Science & Tech, 1957-78. Chair, Northenden Civic Soc 1968-74; member Faraday Society 1937-64. Soc Vice-Pres 1965-71, 1973-77, Pres 1971-73.

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