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BAKER, George Sir

Forenames: George

Last name: BAKER

Titles and Honours: Sir

Date of birth: 1722-01-01

Date of death: 1809-06-15

Date of Election: 1783-04-30

Honorary Member? Yes


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? Yes


Wrote Latin prose & epigrams

'On the Epidemic Influenza and Dysentry of 1762' (1764)

Preface of 'Pharmacopeia' (1788)

'An Inquiry into the Merits of a Method of Inoculating the Smallpox' (1766)

Collected edition of his 'Medical Tracts' (1818)

Other works include:
Graduation Thesis (1755)
Harveian Oration

Place of Residence:



Educ: Eton; King's College, Cambridge

1745 Became fellow & graduated
1757 Fellow of College of Physicians
1761 Practice at Stamford, Lincs./moved to London
1776 Became FRS Physician to the Queen & Baronet
1785-95 Nine times president of College of Physicians

Discovered that Devonshire Colic & the Colica Pictonum were forms of lead poisoning.

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