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YOUNG, Charles Augustus Prof

Forenames: Charles Augustus

Last name: YOUNG

Titles and Honours: Prof

Date of birth: 1834-01-01

Date of death: 1908-01-01

Date of Election: 1886-02-09

Honorary Member? Yes

Obituaries: Proceedings, 52, 1907/8

Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? No



Place of Residence:


Born Hanover, New Hampshire 1849, Dartmouth College, graduated 1853, where father was Prof of Natural Philosophy Prof Astronomy, Princeton from 1877 1857 Prof of Maths and Nat Phil, Western Reserve Coll, 1866, Prof of Nat Phil and Astronomy, Dartmouth. 1871, elected member of Astronomische Geselleschaft, 1872, Assoc of Royal Astronomical Soc, 1882, Pres, American Assoc of Advancement of Science

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