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ZIRKEL, Ferdinand

Forenames: Ferdinand

Last name: ZIRKEL

Titles and Honours:

Date of birth: 1838-01-01

Date of death: 1912-01-01

Date of Election: 1888-04-17

Honorary Member? Yes

Obituaries: Proceedings 57, 1912-13

Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? No


3 publications in German

Place of Residence:


Born Bonn. Graduated Bonn Univ 1861. Intended to be mining engineer but int in pure geology began on student visit to Scotland, later by study of pioneering work of Sorby (qv) which led him into field of microscopical petrography, becoming a leading exponent. 1863, Prof Univ of Lemberg, 1869, Prof Univ of Kiel, 1871, Prof Mineralogy, Univ Leipzig. Member RS and Geol Soc

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