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BRAGG, W. Lawrence Prof

Forenames: W. Lawrence

Last name: BRAGG

Titles and Honours: Prof

Date of birth: 1890-03-31

Date of death: 1971-07-01

Date of Election: 1919-11-04

Honorary Member? No


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? Yes


"Model gratings to illustrate the diffraction of X-rays by crystals" (1924-5, vol. LXIX, IV, pp.35-8)

"Some views on the teaching of science" (1927-8, vol. LXXII, VIII, pp.119-123)

Place of Residence: Alderley Edge


Society Pres. 1927-9; Vice-Pres. 1930-

Awarded Dalton Medal 1942

1909 Trinity College; Fellow, Lecturer in Nat. Sciences
1918 Langworthy Prof. of Physics, Manchester
1937 Director of National Physics Lab
1938-53 Prof. of Experimental Physics, Cambridge
1953 Fullerian Prof. of Chemistry, Royal Institution

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