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Forenames: David

Last name: BREWSTER

Titles and Honours: Sir

Date of birth: 1781-12-11

Date of death: 1868-02-10

Date of Election: 1843-04-18

Honorary Member? Yes


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? Yes


"Some properties of light" (1813)

"Treatise on new philosophical instruments" (1813)

"Polarisation of light" (c. 1814)

"Treatise on the Kaleidoscope" (1819)

A variety of other papers for a multitude of publications. Please see index for complete list.

Place of Residence:


Natural Philosopher.

1799 Tutor
1802 Contributor to 'Edinburgh Magazine' later its editor.
1804 Preached first sermon.
1800 Hon. MA from Edinburgh Uni.
1815 Fellow of Royal Soc. & received Copley Medal
1818 Received Rumford Medal
1822 Mem. of Royal Inst.
1831 Br. Assoc. for Advancement of Science.
1865 Recd medal from Photographic Soc. of Paris
1860 Apptd. Vice-chancellor of Edinburgh Uni.
1864 Pres. of Royal Soc. Edinburgh

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