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BRISBANE, Thomas Macdougall Bart Gen Sir

Forenames: Thomas Macdougall Bart

Last name: BRISBANE

Titles and Honours: Gen Sir

Date of birth: 1773-07-23

Date of death: 1860-01-27

Date of Election: 1843-02-07

Honorary Member? Yes


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? Yes


"A method of determining the time with accuracy from a series of altitudes of the Sun taken on the same side of the Meridian." (1811)

"On the Repeating Circle" & "Method of determining the latitude by a sextant or circle, with simplicity and accuracy, from circum-meridian observations taken at Noon" (1819 & 1820)

Place of Residence:


Had an extensive military career spanning c.1789-1826.

1821 Apptd. Gov. of NSW.

Interest in astronomy.

1816 Elected Corr. Mem. of Paris Inst.

Observatories in NSW & Scotland.

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