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ALCOCK, Thomas

Forenames: Thomas

Last name: ALCOCK

Titles and Honours:

Date of birth: 1823-01-01

Date of death: 1891-07-14

Date of Election: 1861-01-22

Honorary Member? No


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? No


'On the tongues of mollusca' (vol. 2, ser. 3, no. 22, 1865 VI, p.71)

'Questions regarding the life history of the Foraminifera, suggested by examinations of their dead shells' (vol. 3, ser. 3, no. 23, 1868 X p.175)

On polymorphina tubulosa' (vol. 3 ser.3 no. 23, 1868 XV p. 244)

'On the development of the common frog' (vol. 8 ser. 3, no. 28, 1864 X p. 89)

'On specimens of Foraminifera from Roundstone, Connemara' (vol IV 1864-5 p.52)

'Notes on a visit to Walton Hall' (vol. IV 1864-6 p. 100)

'Southport Natural History' (vol. IV 1864-5 p. 188-9)

'Notes on natural history specimens lately received from Connemara' (vol. IV, 1864-5, pp. 192-208)

'Questions regarding the life History of the Foraminifera suggested by examiniations of their dead shells' (vol. V, 1865-6 pp. 15-17)

'... on Foraminifera from mud washed out from a shell of Halia Priamus in Mr. Darbushire's collection' (vol V, 1865-6 p.123)

'On embryonic shells of mollusca collected from Dogs Bay sand' (vol. V, 1865-6, pp. 166-167)

'On Echinus Lividus, illustrated by specimins from Roundstone' (vol. VI, 1866-7 pp.25-26)

'On Polymorphina tubulosa' (vol. VI 1866-7 pp. 85-90)

'On the hair of the musk deer' (vol. VI 1866-7 188-190)

'On the mite of the wood pigeon' (by Rev, J.E. Vize - communicated by T. Alcock - vol. VI 1866-7 p.211)

'On the occurence of Gonoplax Angulata at Southport' ( vol. VIII 1868-9 p. 77) 'On a method of preserving fine disections by corrosive sublimate' (vol. VIII 1868-9 p.78)

Place of Residence:


Council member, 1869-

Chemist and druggist (Alcock and Brothers) Pigott St, Greenheys.

1848 MRCS and licentiate for Society of Apothecaries.
1857 MD - St. Andrews

Elected extra licentiate from Royal College of Physicians

Vice president of Manchester Field Natural History Society.

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