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AMAGAT, Emile Dr

Forenames: Emile

Last name: AMAGAT

Titles and Honours: Dr

Date of birth: 1841-01-02

Date of death: 1915-02-15

Date of Election: 1892-04-26

Honorary Member? Yes

Obituaries: Vol. 59 1914-15 pxxix

Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? No


His work formed basis for:
'Tait's theory of gases'
'Van der Waals formulae'

Place of Residence:


1872 Docteur-es-Science at Paris
Prof. of physics at Faculte Libre des Sciences of Lyons.
Examiner ar l'Ecole Polytechinque.

1890 Member of l'Academie des Sciences
1893 Received from the Institute the pric la carte pour la physique
Full member of l'Academie des Sciences

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