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DAVY, Humphrey Sir

Forenames: Humphrey

Last name: DAVY

Titles and Honours: Sir

Date of birth: 1778-12-17

Date of death: 1828-05-29

Date of Election: 1813-01-01

Honorary Member? Yes


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? Yes


Wrote poetry, 'The Sons of Genius', 'On the Mount's Bay', 'St Michael's Mount', before giving up poetry for science.

Published and contributed a great deal of scientific essays that mostly concentrated on alkali and alkaline earth metals (the discovery of some are attributed to him). Lectured and wrote of his experiments with electricity.

Place of Residence:


1801 Apptd. Asst. Lecturer in Chemistry, Director of chemical lab, & Asst. Ed. of the Institution's journals at Royal Inst., London. Made Prof of Chemistry in May of same year.
1807 Sec. to Royal Soc & Council Member. Constructed his famous battery in October.
1811 Consulted as to best method of ventilating House of Lords & his recommendation was adopted, though unsuccessful.
1812 Knighted & left Royal Soc.
1813 Elected as Corr. Mem. 1st Class of Imperial Institute
1820 Returned to England after traveling/living abroad. Pres. of Royal Soc

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