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DAWKINS, William Boyd Sir

Forenames: William Boyd

Last name: DAWKINS

Titles and Honours: Sir

Date of Election: 1869-11-02

Honorary Member? No


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? Yes


"Reference to the death of Mr J. J. Ashworth" (1903/4 vol. XLVIII xviii)

"The organisation of museums and art galleries in Manchester" (1917 vol.LXII III I-II)

"Reference to the death of Dr Carl Alfred von Zittel" (1903/4 vol. XLVII xi)

Amongst others, please contact office for complete list.

Place of Residence: Rusholme, Manchester


Prof. of Geology & Palaeontology at Victoria Uni,

Hon. member American Philosophical Soc. & Corr. member of Boston Soc of Nat Hist; New York Academy of Science; Philadelphia Academy of Nat Science; Anthropological Soc of Berlin

1861 Geologist on staff of Geological Survey of Gt Britain
1869 Curator, Manchester Museum & Geological Lecturer
1873 Became Prof

Died in 1929

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