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DAWSON, John William Sir

Forenames: John William

Last name: DAWSON

Titles and Honours: Sir

Date of Election: 1886-02-09

Honorary Member? Yes

Obituaries: 1899-1900 vol. XLIV XXVII-XLVIII

Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? Yes


Place of Residence:


Geology & Natural History

1841 MA, Edin. Uni
1847-50 Lecturer, Dalhousie College, Nova Scotia
1850 Superintendent of Education for Nova Scotia
1855 Principal of McGill Uni in Montreal; retired 1893

Pres of Montreal Natural History Soc
Founder & Pres for 13 years of Montreal Normal School

1874 Founder, Montreal High School for Girls

Member of many other Societies throughout the world

1884 Knighted

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