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APPELL, Paul-Emile

Forenames: Paul-Emile

Last name: APPELL

Titles and Honours:

Date of birth: 1855-09-27

Date of death: 1930-10-24

Date of Election: 1894-04-17

Honorary Member? Yes


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? No


Place of Residence:


Professor of theoretical mechanics.
Member of Institute, Professor at Faculty of Sciences, Paris.

1889 sentenced to 10 years confinement for anti-German activities.
1871 Went to Normandy to prepare for University.
1872 Assumed French citizenship.
1873 Entered l'Ecole Normale (PhD 1876)
1892 Elected to Academie des Sciences
1903-1920 Dean of Faculty of Sciences at University of Paris
1920-25 Doctor of Faculty of Sciences at University of Paris.

Member of Conseit Superieure d'Instruction Publique

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