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EASON, Alexander

Forenames: Alexander

Last name: EASON

Titles and Honours:

Date of death: 1796-05-27

Date of Election: 1781-12-12

Honorary Member? No


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? No


"Observations on the use of acid in [the] bleaching of linen" (1785, vol. 1, p. 240) (Read: August 7, 1785)

"On crystallization" (1785 vol. 1, p.29) (Read: November 14, 1781)

"On the ascent of vapour" (1785, vol. 1 p. 395) (Read: November 27, 1782)

Place of Residence: Manchester


One of the founder of the Society. Vice-pres 1781-4
Born in Scotland c. 1735

Surgeon to Marquis of Drogheda's Dragoons

1781 visiting physician to MRI; 1782 physician to MRI; 1790 Resigned

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