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EDISON, Thomas Alva

Forenames: Thomas Alva

Last name: EDISON

Titles and Honours:

Date of birth: 1847-02-11

Date of death: 1931-10-31

Date of Election: 1892-04-26

Honorary Member? Yes

Obituaries: 1931-2, vol LXXVI P p.i-iii

Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? No


Place of Residence: New York & New Jersey, USA


Electrician, New York.

1863 Telegraph operator
1870 set up a 50-man laboratory in New York
1876 moved his laboratory Menlo Park, New Jersey for more room
1887 moved to West Orange, New Jersey to expand more

Invented the first practical light bulb.

1927 Elected to the National Academy of Sciences

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