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EGERTON, Lord Francis Rt.Hon.

Forenames: Lord Francis

Last name: EGERTON

Titles and Honours: Rt.Hon.

Date of birth: 1800-01-01

Date of death: 1857-02-18

Date of Election: 1841-04-15

Honorary Member? No


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? Yes


Author/Translator/Editor of following works:

"Faust, a drama, by Goethe, and Schiller's song of the Bell" (1823)

"Translations from the German & original poems" (1824)

"Boyle Farm" (1827)

"Wollenstein's camp and original poems" (1830)

"Dramatic scenes, founded on Victor Hugo's Hernani" (Printed in the Club Book. 1831)

"Catherine of Cleves and Hernani, tragedies translated from the French" (1832, another ed. 1854)

Amongst many others, please contact the office for a complete list.

Place of Residence: London


Earl of Ellesmere

6 Aug 1819 Lt. in Staffs. regt. of yeomanry
27 Sept 1819 Promoted to Captain
19 Feb 1822 MP for Bletchingly, Surrey
26 June 1826 MP for Sutherlandshire, re-elected 1830
Apr-Sept 1827 held office as Lord of the Treasury
Jan-May 1828 Under-sec of state for the colonies
30 Jul - Nov 1830 Sec at war
28 Jun 1828 Privy Cllr.
30 Jun 1846 Viscount Brackley of Brackley; Earl of Ellesmere
7 Feb 1855 Knight of the Garter

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