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EMMET, Dorothy Mary

Forenames: Dorothy Mary

Last name: EMMET

Titles and Honours:

Date of Election: 1945-01-01

Honorary Member? No


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? Yes


'Whiteheads' Philosophy of Organism' (1932)

'Philosophy and Faith' (1936)

'The Nature of Metaphysical Thinking' (1945)

'Function, Purpose and Power' (1958, 2nd 1978)

'Rules, Roles and Relations' (1966)

'The Moral Prism' (1979)

Place of Residence: Cambridge


Society Librarian 1946-9

1923 Classical Exhibitor, Oxford; Hons Mods Class 2, 1925; Lit Hum Class 1, 1927
1927-8 & 1931-2 Tutor
1928-30 Commonwealth Fellow, Radcliffe Coll, Cambridge, Mass, USA
1930-1 Research Fellow, Somerville Coll., Oxford

1932-1974 Lecturer/Prof. in Philosophy at variety of Universities
1962-4 Dean, Faculty of Arts, Manchester Uni

1953-4 Pres Aristotelian Soc.

Hon. Fellow, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford; Fellow, Lucy Cavendish Coll., Cambridge

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