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FALCONER, Thomas Rev

Forenames: Thomas

Last name: FALCONER

Titles and Honours: Rev

Date of birth: 1772-12-24

Date of death: 1839-02-19

Date of Election: 1797-11-01

Honorary Member? No


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? No


"The Resurrection of our Saviour ascertained from an examination of the proofs of the identity of his character after that event" (Bath, 1798)

"Remarks on some passages in Mr. Bryant's publications respecting the War of Troy" (London, 1799)

"St. Luke's preface to his Gospel examined with reference to Mr. Marsh's hypothesis respecting the origin of the three first Gospels" (Bath, 1802)

"A letter to the Rev. R. Warner respecting his sermon on war" (Oxford, 1804)

"Discourse on the measure of the Olympic stadium, the joint work of himself & his father, appended to the latter's translation of Arrian's "Periplus"" (Oxford, 1805)

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Place of Residence: Oxford


Classical Scholar & son of William Falconer.
Corresponding member.

1788 Scholarship at Corpus Christi College, Oxford (BA 1791; MA 1795)

After taking holy orders, studied medicine at Edinburgh.

1822 MB & MD degrees, Oxford. Never practised medicine.

Was select preacher & was Bampton lecturer in 1810.

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