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Forenames: William

Last name: FALCONER

Titles and Honours:

Date of birth: 1744-02-23

Date of death: 1824-08-31

Date of Election: 1782-10-30

Honorary Member? Yes


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? Yes


"Thoughts on the style and taste of gardening among the ancients" (1785, vol. I p.297) (Read: December 11, 1782)

"Remarks on the knowledge of the ancients" (communicated by Dr Percival) (1785, vol. I p.261) (Read: October 16, 1782)

"Observations on the knowledge of the ancients respecting electricity" (communicated by Dr Percival) (1790 vol. III p. 278) (Read: May 2, 1788)

"Remarks on the knowledge of the ancients respecting glass" (1785 vol. II p. 95) (Read: December 17, 1783)

"An enquiry concerning the influence of the scenery of a country on the manners of its inhabitants" (1785 vol.I p.271) (Read: October 23, 1782)

"Sketch of the history of sugar, in the early times and through the Middle Ages" (communicated by Dr Percival) (1796 vol. IV part II p. 291) (Read: March 12, 1790)

Falconer was a frequent contributor to transactions of various learned societies, please contact the office for a complete index.

Place of Residence:


Misc. writer

Studied medicine, Edinburgh. MD 1766
1767 apptd. physician to Chester Infirmary. After attaining good practice moved to Bath in 1770 were he was equally successful.

18 Mar 1773 FRS

12 May 1784 - 10 Feb 1819 Elected physician, Bath General Hospital

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