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FARADAY , Frederick James

Forenames: Frederick James

Last name: FARADAY

Titles and Honours:

Date of Election: 1883-10-02

Honorary Member? No


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? No


"On two unpublished letters by James Anderson LL.D the Scottish agriculturalist as an economist dated December 24 1794 and July 24 1795 respectively" (1890, vol. 3 ser 4, P, p. 152)

"On the flight of Birds" (with F. Nicholson) (1899/1900 vol. XLIV P p. xix)

"On fatal influenza near Bolton in 1800" (1890 vol. 3 ser 4 P p. 143)

"On a biological aspect of cancer" (1898-9 vol. XLIII. XII 1-14)

"Foreshadowing of the conclusions of the Cancer Research Committee" (1905 -6 vol. L P p. iii)

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Place of Residence: Levenshulme


Society Secretary 1886 -; Council member 1898-; Secretary 1894-)

Brazennose Club 1884.

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