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Forenames: John

Last name: DALTON

Titles and Honours:

Date of birth: 1766-09-06

Date of death: 1844-07-27

Date of Election: 1794-04-25

Honorary Member? No


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? Yes


"Extraordinary facts relating to the vision of colours: with observations" (vol.1 ser 5 pt. 1 no.5 p.28) (Read October 31 1794)

"Experiments and observations to determine whether the quantity of rain and dew is equal to the quality of water carried off by the rivers and raised by evaporation; with an enquiry into the origin of springs" (vol 1 ser 5 no 5 pt 2 p. 346) (Read: March 1 1799)

"Experiments and observations on the power of fluids to conduct heat: with reference to Count Rumford's Seventh Essay on the same subject" (vol 1 ser 5 pt 2 no 5 p.373) (Read: April 12 1799)

"Experimental essays, on the constitution of mixed gases; on the force of steam or vapour from water and other liquids in different temperatures, both in Torricellian Vacuum and in air; on evaporation; and on the explosion of gases by heat" (vol 1 ser 5 no 5 1802 p.535) (Read: October 2 1801)

"Meteorological observations, made at Manchester" (vol 1 ser 5 no 5 p.666) (Read: c. 1801)

Amongst many, many others.

Place of Residence: Manchester & York


Society secretary 1800-9; Vice-Pres 1809-17; Pres 1817-44; Committee of papers
Chemist & Natural Philosopher

1781 joined brother in running a school in Kendal
1793 studied & gave lectures on natural philosophy; accepted professorship at New Coll, M/c
1799 moved to York, gave private lessons
1832 & 1834 Hon. Degrees

Member of many other Societies

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