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DANCER, John Benjamin

Forenames: John Benjamin

Last name: DANCER

Titles and Honours:

Date of Election: 1842-04-19

Honorary Member? Yes


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? Yes


"On the microscopical examination of coal ash, or dust from the flue of a furnace, illustrated by the microscope" (vol 3 ser 3 no 23 1868 XXVI p.293) (Read: April 2 1867)

"Some remarks on crystals containing fluid" (vol 4 ser 3 no 24 1871 XI p.183) (Read: December 2 1867)

"Microscopical examination of the solid particles collected by Dr Angus Smith from the air of Manchester" (vol 4 ser 3 no 24 1871 XXI p.270) (Read: March 31 1868)

"... observations of the occultation of Jupiter by the Moon, on the 24th instant..." (Communicated by Messrs Baxendell and Worthington) (Vols 1-4 1857-60 P p.256) (Read: May 25 1860)

"On clearing and preparing diatoms obtained from soundings and other sources" (vol II 1862 P p.22) (Read: November 19, 1860 before Microscopical Sections"

Amongst many, many more.

Place of Residence: Manchester


Society council member 1868-
Elected as Hon Member March 18 1884

Pres of Manchester Natural History Soc c. 1868

Made set of thermometers on Joseph Baxendell's behalf as gift to Lit & Phil

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