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DAVID, Ann Rosalie PhD

Forenames: Ann Rosalie

Last name: DAVID

Titles and Honours: PhD

Date of birth: 1946-05-30

Date of Election: 1976-01-01

Honorary Member? No


Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? No


'Religious Ritual at Abydos'

'The Egyptian Kingdoms'

'The Egyptian Collection at the Macclesfield Museum'

'Cult of the Son'

'Art Treasures of Egypt'

Place of Residence: Sale


Egyptologist, Manchester University
Hon. Lecturer in Comparative Religion, University of Manchester
Lecturer - National Decorative & Fine Arts Soc.

Educ: University College, London; Uni. of Liverpool

Petrie Museum, University College, London
Comm. of Egypt Exploration Soc; Founder & Hon. Sec of n. branch of Egypt Exploration Soc.

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