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DIXON, Harold Baily

Forenames: Harold Baily

Last name: DIXON

Titles and Honours:

Date of birth: 1852-08-11

Date of Election: 1887-02-08

Honorary Member? No

Obituaries: 1930, vol 75, p.ii

Present in the Dictionary of National Biography? No


with H. M. Lowe "Experiments on Abel's theory that incombustible dusts act catalytically in igniting weak mixtures of methane and air" (1912-13 vol. LVII xvi-io)

Place of Residence:


Prof of Chemistry, Owen's Coll., Manchester

1875 1st class in Oxford Natural Science School. Elected to fellowship at Trinity

1876 Studies began of gaseous explosions. Discovery that dry mixture of carbon monoxide & oxygen would permit the passage of powerful electric sparks without exploding.
1875-86 Taught at Trinity & Balliol
1886 Appt. to succeed Sir Henry Roscoe, Chair of chemistry at Owen's College. Elected FRS
1916 Chair of Royal Technical Coll., Salford; Later Chair, Salford Education Committee

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